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The Murjani Group has been making headlines since the 1930’s when Mr. BK Murjani established the very first clothing factory in Hong Kong and they continue to develop and innovate within the world of fashion and lifestyle brands.

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Too Sexy, By Far

Back in the ’70s, when jeans were a coveted product in India, available only to those few kids whose relatives made trips abroad, we heard the story of one Mohan Murjani, a Hong Kong based entrepreneur who was creating waves in the American markets with a range of designer jeans under the label ‘Gloria Vanderbilt for Murjani’.

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The Vanderbilt Style

The roots of creativity happen very early on, and it became my part to make order out of chaos. If my childhood hadn’t been so chaotic, I don’t know what form my life would’ve taken. from the beginning, I was determined to put things right in my life. And I have.

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The Top Ten Designer Jeans

The Best Fit. An excellent cut with no gapping or puckering. The waistband hugs the small of the back, as it is supposed to. All cotton; 5 pockets; 9 studs; orange stitching; 8 stitches per inch; finished hem. The construction is clean as a whistle. Very subtle sexual styling. For the woman who knows what she’s got and is secure enough to keep it under wraps.

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